House in the mountains of Finland

The Cold House


In my time I have lived in a large number of houses. Some have been pleasant, others insane. But none stays quite so firmly in my memory as the Cold House.

It was autumn when I moved there, and I was obliged to remain there throughout winter. It was an old house, sublet by someone who did not have the time nor inclination to renovate it.

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Robin Williams

Why Robin Williams was so important to us


Artists, writers and comedians are the greatest gifts to humanity we have. For  with their works they reach out and touch us personaly. They kindle and comfort our emotions, which as humans are the most unique thing we have.

For all of us who are mourning, there was a moment – perhaps many – when we were personally cheered or touched by something Robin Williams said or did. For a moment at least, he brought us out of a pit of sadness. Now that he’s gone, not here to do that anymore, we feel as though we have lost a part of ourselves.

That’s what telling stories, making jokes and laughing at ourselves is for. Let us keep on. It is these things that make life worth living.

Rest in peace, Robin Williams. We will miss you.


The Kardashians and country life


I moved to the city at the age of twenty, having spent my entire previous life living in the backblocks. I knew how to light a fire and catch turkeys, and could readily identify different types of hay. I picked up spiders with my bare hands and always checked my shoes for frogs before putting them on, but I was sadly out of touch with popular culture.

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Nobody on Sunset Beach

We Eat Coconut



When I was a child I was always most put out that we ate different food from other people. The children in my kindy class brought Arrowroot biscuits and fruit poppers to class, while I had rye cruskits and soy milk. I was not allowed to have food like they did.

When I went over to my friend’s house to play I was intrigued to see that there were bought biscuits with icing in her mother’s pantry.

We didn’t have bought biscuits with icing in our pantry. Instead, we had Chocolate Lollies.

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Portrait of funny man wearing sweater with snowman

How to Look Good Clothed


There has been a great deal of talk lately regarding how we need to be proud of our bodies and  confidant in our skin. Indeed, a popular TV show even aims to make us shed clothing altogether, with the intention of the participants falling in love with their new look.

It struck me that this is an unattainable ideal for the average person. Most of us find it difficult to look good even while clothed.

With this in mind I have put together the following tips in the hope that they will help those who find it difficult to appear well turned out. I trust they will be of use to all.

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Funny woman wearing glasses

On Visiting Home


It is a strange thing to visit home after moving out. It is a peculiar mix of the familiar and the wholly unexpected.

In one way nothing has changed. You are still the ungrateful child of the family.  You dump your clothes in the laundry and they emerge several hours later freshly washed and laundered. The fridge is yours and the DVD collection is up for perusal. You shop for magazines in the living room and for socks from your mother’s drawer.

But there is something different about this visit home.

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Guilt at the Cinema


Going to the cinema ought to be a simple and pleasant experience. I visited one the other day, and sadly found it to be an episode of guilt, anxiety and confusion.

I was by myself, and was looking forward to an evening of pleasant solitude, watching a film which I had seen the week before and wished to watch again. I arrived at the cinema in plenty of time and bought a ticket. Continue reading Guilt at the Cinema